Suzie Squirrel
Species Squirrel
Gender Female
First Appearance "The Stolen Necklace"
Voiced By Chisato Nakajima (Japanese)

Lara Cody (English)

Suzie Squirrel (JP: Judy Richmond) is a 9-year-old squirrel who is close friends with Fanny Fox, Penny Pig, and Patty Rabbit. She is also a Maple Town School student. She, her younger brother Skippy Squirrel, and her parents Squire and Mrs. Squirrel live and work in the tree-shaped tailor shop in Maple Town.

She was voiced by Chisato Nakajima in the Japanese version and Lara Cody in the English dub.


Suzie is a cream and tan squirrel with brown stripes. She wears a red blouse with two pale yellow beads at the collar and a white dress with two pockets.


Suzie is a very friendly and helpful squirrel who usually tries to support her friends and family, such as assisting Bobby Bear with his school work. Apparently, she even wants to help out with Squire's job at being a tailor, even though she can cause a distraction to him, as justified in the episode "The Prettiest Dress in Maple Town", when she wanted to try on the dress that Squire made.


  • She has a stuffed squirrel doll named Chipper, which she sometimes plays with.