Ricky Rabbit (JP: Mick Hope-Rabbit) is Patty and Rachel Rabbit's little brother and the Rabbit Family's only son. He is also the second youngest of the family at 3 years old, after a baby sister named Bunny/Pippa.

He was voiced by Mayumi Shō  (who also voiced Fanny Fox) in the Japanese version .

Ricky Rabbit
Ricky Rabbit
Ricky as he appears in the opening sequence.
Species Rabbit
Gender Male
First Appearance "Welcome to Maple Town"
Voiced By Mayumi Sho (Japanese)


Ricky is a cream rabbit with a groomed hair tuft, a white muzzle with a pink nose, and sand-colored insides of the ears. He wears a white collared shirt overlapped by red overalls with yellow buttons on them and a yellow heart at the center, and yellow shoes.