Palm Town is the direct sequel anime to Maple Town. It aired in Japan and certain European countries, but was never dubbed in English. In Japan, it ran from January 18th to December 27th in 1987 on TV Asahi with 50 half-hour episodes and reruns until 1990.


In the first episode, which takes place in December 1987, Patty arrives in Palm Town with her aunt Jane Pika. There, she saves a female cocker spaniel named Rolley from a pair of feline main villains named the Cat Brothers. After rescuing Rolley, the two soon befriend each other. Patty and her new friends have everyday experiences from that point onward in the same slice of life format as the prequel.


  • The setting in terms of technology, fashion, etc. is derived from 1980s-era Pacific Coast of the United States, unlike Maple Town, which was based on 1920s-era Canada.
  • In one episode, the year on Patty's letter confirms the anime's time setting being December 1987.
  • The cast of Maple Town (sans Patty)'s roles were reduced to cameo appearances, which has been deemed unpopular by fans of the aforementioned anime.