Due to its moderate success, Maple Town merchandise was spawned ever since its initial Japanese run in 1986.

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Toys and GamesEdit

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Toys and games not part of the Maple Friend Figures toyline include a beach ball, PVCs of most of the cast, plush toys of the main cast, and a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle, none of which were released in North America. In North America, Golden Books in conjunction with Tonka released two Maple Town frame tray puzzles in 1987. In France, a video game titled Les Petits Malins: L'anniversaire de Bobby (The Crafty: Bobby's Birthday) was released for the Amstrad CPC during the French dub's run.


Books released include a coloring book and a "Sticker Fun" book published in the US by Golden Book during the 1987-88 season. A series of annual magazines and a manga series were also released in the United Kingdom and Japan respectively.


Other Maple Town merchandising includes an obentou (a Japanese lunchbox), a phone card set, an American lunchbox with a cup, a leather bag, and a camera.


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  • The Maple Friend Figures series has been confused with and compared to two similarly-themed franchises from the 1980s: Sylvanian Families and Forest Families.