Both Maple Town and Palm Town have been released on home video in the US (Maple Town only), Europe, and Japan. 


United StatesEdit

Six tapes were distributed in the United States by Family Home Entertainment and Tonka from 1987-90, targeted at viewers aged 3 and up. Each tape contained two episodes (except for Welcome to Maple Town, which had 4 instead).

Maple Town US VHS Tapes
Title Release Date Duration Episodes
Welcome to Maple Town November 12th, 1987 86 min. "Welcome to Maple Town"
"The Stolen Necklace"
"The Pot That Wouldn't Hold Water"
"The Greatest Gift of All"
The House Made of Love February 4th, 1988 45 min. "The House Made of Love"
"A Most Unlikely Heroine"
Medicine from Maple Mountain February 4th, 1988 45 min. "Medicine from Maple Mountain"
"Ransom of Maple Forest"
The Prettiest Dress in Maple Town February 4th, 1988 45 min. "The Most Prettiest Dress in Maple Town"
"The Children's Forest Patrol"
A Baby Comes to Maple Town July 14th, 1988 45 min. "A Baby Comes to Maple Town"
"When Children Must be Grownups"
The Case of the Missing Candy February 8th, 1990 51 min. "The Case of the Missing Candy"
"Teacher, Please Don't Go!"

United KingdomEdit

In the UK, "Welcome to Maple Town" was released by MSD Video, FHE, and IVE in 1988. Unlike its US version, it only contains the first two episodes and has a different box art. It is rated U, meaning it is suitable for all ages.

DVD ReleasesEdit

As of 2013, the anime was released on DVD in Spain, Hungary, and Japan. In Japan, Palm Town was released on DVD (in 2 separate parts) in 2013.