Fanny Fox
Fanny Fox
Fanny Fox as she appears in the opening sequence.
Species Fox
Gender Female
First Appearance "The Stolen Necklace"
Voiced By Maureen O'Connell (English)
Mayumi Sho (Japanese)

Fanny Fox (JP: ダイアナ・コンデリク Daiana Konderiku) is a major character in the original Maple Town series. She is one of Patty Rabbit's friends and a student in Maple Town School. She is the 8-year-old sister of Freddy Fox (JP: カール・コンデリク Kāru Konderiku) and the daughter of Fredrick (JP: ハンス・コンデリク Hansu Konderiku) and Florence Fox (JP: チリネ・コンデリク Chirine Konderiku).


She is an orange and light yellow fox with a brown nose. She wears a blue, yellow, and white dress with a yellow ribbon on the capelet and a darker blue stripe on the lower half and white buckled shoes.

In "The Stolen Necklace", her wardrobe was different compared to subsequent appearances. She sports a light blue hair bow, a yellow capelet, pink flowers on her blue dress, a pink ribbon, a pearl necklace (the episode's namesake object), and light blue shoes.


Fanny tends to be bossy, stubborn, fussy, and selfish most of the time, which is a personality inherited from her mother. She also thinks that she is better than all the others, thus causing her domination at times, as her family is the richest in Maple Town.

Her attitude may cause her to harass others. For example, she says that she doesn't like Danny Dog (Johnny Kraft) and called him a scaredy-cat for not getting over his fear in theMaple Town Stories Movie. Another is when she steps on Suzie Squirrel's tail in her debut, causing her to hold her tail in pain.

Despite her usual snooty behavior, she is still accepted and receives respect from her friends.